Fun Food at the Red River Revel

It's not all music at the Red River Revel. Half the fun is trying out new culinary treats!

Not only does the Red River Revel offer some of the best music but some of the tastiest and most fun food offerings ever seen at an Ark-La-Tex festival. One of the great things about the food out at the Revel is that local non-profits make just about everything and your purchase helps that organization. Peruse twenty vendors for something traditional like a funnel cake and burger to something more “adventurous.” In 2019, we stopped by around lunch to see who whips up some of the wildest cuisine you might ever see!


Red River Revel food

Also known as the Kaleidoscope Quesadilla, this creation by Zeta Tau Alpha Alumnae certainly is the most colorful dish at the Revel. Basically they take shredded Mexican cheeses and use food coloring to dye. Yes, you will see blue cheese (not bleu cheese) and green cheese. After it is cooked, the Kaleidoscopadilla is served with either salsa or a colored Ranch dressing. The colored Ranch can be green, red or blue depending on the chef’s preference that day.


The good folks over at Bracks Chapel deep fries a flour tortilla shell and fills it with their taco meat, fresh lettuce, pico de gallo with lime sauce, cheese and their own special sauce. They call it the Cowboy Taco.


Red River Revel Food

For a quick sweet and sour snack, head over to Hollywood #79’s booth. They soak large pickles in Tropical Punch, Green Apple or Grape Kool-Aid. These brightly colored snacks are best eaten cold. Plus, it’s one of the least expensive fun foods at the Revel!

There’s plenty more food to eat at the Red River Revel. Munch on Mardi Gras Waffles or Freedom Fries or Pork Skin Nachos with Crawfish Queso. Make sure to check out the full menu here.

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