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Fun fashionable floats for the pool

Ditch the pool noodles and the boring blow up pool floats. Hit the pool in style this year with one or more of these fun, fashionable floats.

FUNBOY Yacht Pool Float Fun fashionable floats

FUNBOY Yacht Float

Set sail on the pool waters in a yacht!

Be the envy of all with space for two, a front cooler for ice and dual drink holders. This is not the S.S. Minnow from “Gilligan’s Island.”

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light up led Fun fashionable floats

Light Up Pool Raft

When the sun goes down, the lights turn on!

19 LED’s surround this float. Choose between slow flashing, fast flashing and solid color glow. Just be careful the 3 AA batteries and LED’s don’t come in contact with the water. Also available is a 48 inch light tube inner tube.

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funky flower

Giant Funky Flower Pool Float

Peace, love and flowers… the 60’s are back!

You will be known for the rest of your life as a Flower Child when you chill and relax on this inner tube. It’s five feet wide with plenty of room for an adult.

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Balloon Animal Fun fashionable floats

Balloon Animal Pool Float

Think of the clown that had to make this animal!

This might be the most popular float in the kiddie area of the pool. At five feet, this epic balloon animal will attract attention.

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swan float Fun fashionable floats

Party Island

This float is MASSIVE!

After inflating this monster swan, throw some drinks in the built-in cooler and the eight cup holders and invite five more friends to get in. The rear swim platform will make getting in and out pretty easy.

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Modular sun pods

FUNBOY Modular Sun Pod

You AND your friends can relax and chat!

One person can enjoy a floating day bed. Or better yet, use the six beds and accompanying bungee cords to create four different configurations: a circle of six beds, side-by-sides, or all in a row. The set comes with six beds. Each bed comes with a cup holder as well.

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Bling Ring Fun fashionable floats

Sun Squad Bling Ring

That’s how we float!

If you love the pool, you need to put a ring on it. It will be the biggest blink under your body measuring over five feet long. You can pop the question with this float, just don’t pop the float.

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bull float Fun fashionable floats


Ride ’em cowboy!

When we saw this, we did a double take. This isn’t so much for relaxing but you can get on the bull and your friends will grab on to the handles and try to throw you from the bull. Can you last longer than eight seconds?

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Cabana Lounger

FUNBOY Bali Cabana Lounger

Throw some shade in the pool!

Lounge on the water with this floating cabana. The integrated shade may keep the sun out of your eyes and the curved design provides ergonomic neck and back support.

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If you’re a foodie, The Louisiana Weekend’s got you covered with their list of fun fashionable floats that areĀ culinary-themed. And please stay safe this summer!

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