FREE. Snickers. Next year?

STORY UPDATE: Darn it. They ran out. We’ll keep an eye out for the giveaway next year. Candy maker Mars Chocolate is offering 1,000,000 free snack size Snickers bars starting today. Only 55,556 digital gift cards for a bag of Fun Size Snickers are available and the promotion runs through October 31 or when supplies run out.

Want a bag of free Snickers? Here’s what you have to do.

  1. Head over to
  2. If you’re lucky enough, you will be able to fill out the form. Otherwise you see the “Please check back shortly” text.
  3. Take the digital gift card for one bag of Snickers Fun Size bars to your local Walmart store and redeem. Walmart is the only place that will accept the digital gift card.
  4. Pass the candy out on Halloween or eat them yourself, we won’t judge.

Mars Chocolate is hoping to create interest in establishing a National Trick or Treat Day on the Saturday before Halloween. They support the Halloween & Costume Association petition to move trick or treating to a Saturday while keeping time-honored traditions on October 31. They figure that if people have the whole day to celebrate and hold daytime trick or treating, there will be a reduction in accidents and a safer time for all.

Good luck trying to get your free Snickers today.

By the way, we totally touched the “Do Not Touch” tombstone.

Free Snickers today
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