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Five perform yet only one will win Music Prize 2019

What started out as a fun addition to the Louisiana Film Prize now has turned into an intense competition. Music Prize brings together five amazing bands and artists and one will end the night as champions. You will help crown the champion. Every artist listed below performs for 30 minutes. Each band has their own ‘bread jar.’ Everyone who attends receives a token and extra tokens cost $5 a piece. Simply place your token into the bread jar of your favorite band. The band with the most tokens will have their token valued matched by the Prize Foundation. Also, a panel of celebrity judges will select their favorite and that band wins $2,500 and the title.

Music Prixze Hwy Lions Hwy Lions – From their Facebook Biography… “Hwy Lions reach out to many influences and styles, while never forgetting their roots; roots that have proven strong. Over the years they have shaped together a solid Rock and Roll outfit. Evoking a sense of modernity, but with plenty of familiar retro vibes to go around these guys do more than pay homage.” They have two albums out now.

Music Prize Chelsea NormanChelsea Norman and the Daydreamers – From the Prize Fest website… Atmospheric styled shows enhance her music’s dramatic swells. Spacey and emotionally driven hooks fill the spaces between lyrics. It’s nostalgic and influenced by her classical background.Their first album comes out in early 2020.

Drosie WalesThe Outlaw Drosie Wales – From his Facebook Biography… Shreveport born rapper Dustin Rose also known as The Outlaw Drosie Wales began his career at the age of sixteen by producing self made mixtapes. Drosie was able to build a lasting impression on fans through high impact and energetic performances.

MoniMoni -From the Prize Fest website… Monica McCoy is a Shreveport native singer, songwriter determined to showcase her talents to her hometown and the world. Others have described her sound as a mix of neo-soul and R&B.

Mansion FamilyThe Mansion Family – From their Facebook Biography… One part whiskey, one part broken hearts, one part bar fight and four parts brothers in soul, The Mansion Family is smooth blend of high energy roots rock and songwriter introspection. Hailing from East Texas, the band draws from a variety of influences to create a sound that winds from the back roads to the back alleys, taking all who listen along for the ride.

Tickets can be found at the Prize Fest website. Don’t forget you can combo a Music Pass with any of the other events, like Fashion Prize.

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