Famous dishes. Now in the form of chips

Leave it to Lay’s Potato Chips to turn the flavors of some famous dishes into chip form. Recently, they announced a Flavor Icons series. Now you can try popular flavors from five restaurants from Los Angeles to New York.  Three are standard Lays chips while one falls under the Wavy brand of Lays and a fourth flavor is Kettle Cooked.

El Torito Carnitas Street Taco Wavy Lays

chips famous dishes

Taste the popular Southern California chain’s braised pork street taco.

Grimaldi’s Coal Brick Oven Pizzeria Kettle Cooked Lays

For fans of this Big Apple-based chain, this chip tastes very close to their Traditional Pizza (their special tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil).

Party Fowl Nashville Hot Chicken Lays

If you like cayenne and fried chicken, then you’ll like Nashville Hot Chicken. And this four location Nashville chain caught the attention of the potato chip giant.

Geno’s Steaks Philly Cheesesteaks Lays

chips famous dishes

Geno’s Steaks is arguably one of the best and most famous restaurants in Philadelphia. These cheesesteak chips have the flavors of steak, Whiz (Cheese Whiz) and onions.

Cocina Azul Chile Relleno Lays

This one can be found in Walmarts and 7-Elevens only and is based on the Relleno Plates served at Cocina Azul in Alburqurque, New Mexico: whole green chiles stuffed with white cheddar cheese.

Give them a try before they go away on September 10, 2020. Before then, head over to their website and enter to win $1,000 in cash.

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