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Eye of Newt Soup

We're taking clam chowder and dressing it up for Halloween.

“Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn and caldron bubble.

Fillet of a fenny snake,

In the caldron boil and bake;

Eye of newt and toe of frog,”

William Shakespeare, MacBeth IV.i 10-13

The famous song of the witches was the inspiration for Eye of Newt Soup; a unique and bizarre take on clam chowder. However instead of lizard legs and baboon’s blood, we used pepperoni and avocado.

Eye of Newt Soup Ingredients

2 cans of clam chowder (could also use corn chowder)

1 roasted red pepper (optional)

1 medium avocado

4 slices of pepperoni


Slice red pepper lengthwise into thin strips. Cut the avocado open at the thickest part. Remove the seed and slice four “eyes” from the thickest part of the avocado. Set aside. Rough dice the rest of the avocado. Take two slices of pepperoni and cut into squares. Prepare clam chowder as directed on the can label. Ladle one scoop of soup into serving bowl. Layer some diced avocado and sliced pepperoni on top. Cover with additional soup. Place one whole pepperoni slice in the center followed by an avocado “eye.” Decorate outside edge with slices of red pepper, diced avocado and cut up pepperoni. Serve.

Note: The roasted red pepper is optional. The strong flavor of the peppers might be a little too much for some. The video shows two prepared bowls. If making more than two, increase the number of avocado “eyes” and whole pepperoni slices accordingly.

Eye of Newt Soup is a great choice to serve the family before going trick-or-treating on a chilly Halloween night. Giving the children a good, hearty and filling meal before heading out for candy might keep them from eating too many sweets that night. Or serve it at your spooky Halloween party. For another Halloween party dessert, try our Ghost Cake recipe.