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Experience The Exhilaration: Blue Angels

Celebrate Independence with some Blue Angels

The Blue Angels have thrilled spectators around the world. The mission of the United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron is to showcase the pride and professionalism of the United States Navy and Marine Corps and inspire a culture of excellence and service to country by conducting flight demonstrations and community outreach. The Blue Angels began in March 1946 and is the 2nd oldest flight demonstration group in the world. Admiral Chester Nimitz wanted to raise awareness of naval aviation and boost morale. Although based in Pensacola, the Blue Angels have visited Barksdale Air Force Base many times as part of the air show.

Men and women have flown in McDonnell Douglas F/A – 18 Hornet combat jets. Some of their maneuvers include the diamond roll, opposing knife-edge pass, barrel roll break and more. Look quick for their fastest maneuver. It’s called the sneak pass and they fly about 700 miles per hour! Near the end of the show, all of the airborne jets come together in their famous Delta Formation. Joining the squadron is a Lockheed C-130 Hercules named “Fat Albert.” That plane transports personnel, spare parts, and equipment between their shows.

Our friends at Gulf Coast Weekend in Biloxi, MS are gearing up for the Blue Angels Air Show on July 21-22.

The Barksdale Air Force Base Air Show is scheduled to return to Bossier City in 2019.