Easy and cool slip and slide fun

It is the summer and due to the coronavirus, some of the local pool are not open. However, there is a solution. Your own homemade slip and slide that the entire family can enjoy! The first slip and slide was made in 1961 by Robert Carrier. The “toy” idea was manufactured by Wham-O, which is a toy company based in California. Even though it has been altered over time, the concept is still the same. Here are the tools you will need to make your own slip and slide.

1.  Waterproof Tarp

slip and slide

The first thing you will need is a waterproof tarp. They come in many different colors to make your slide not only fun but colorful too! This is the base for your slip and slide and can be bought by clicking the link here.

2. Garden Staples or Stake

Slip and slide

Do not let the name confused you. These garden staples can be used in your garden but also you hold your tarp down. The tarp will blow away or become crinkled without the staples. So you want to make sure you have them to make your slip and slide fun to do over and over again. You can get the staples by clicking here.

3.  Water Hose or Lawn Sprinkler

slip and slide

Now for your slip and slide to make a splash! You will need a water hose or a lawn sprinkler to keep the flow of water going while you slide. You can set it on the beginning of your slip and slide on the side so if will not be in the way. Also, can tape in down for more security so that the water will continuously flow. You can get one by clicking here.

4.  Baby Shampoo

Slip and Slide

Now to make your slip and slide even more slippery, you need the baby shampoo. Make sure you use superficially baby shampoo because if it gets in your eyes there will not be harsh chemical effect. Plus it is so much fun sliding and having bubbles to play in for the entire family to enjoy! You can purchase by clicking here.

That is all you need to make your slip and slide fun at home! Even know the Covid-19 is currently going on, does not mean the summer and family fun has to stop. Make sure you be safe and have fun while you are slipping and sliding. There are so alternative games to play with the slipping side such as kickball. You must make your tarp into a diamond shape and have buckets or mats as your “bases” to slide or lightly jog to.

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Locally some of the Shreveport-Bossier area pools are open. But if you want to go out for some indoor fun, some Movie Theaters are opening back up as well.

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