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Easter is coming. So are flavored Peeps

The marshmallow treats famous for their yellow bird shape now come in four new flavored Peeps just in time for Easter. This year you can try Blue Raspberry, Cotton Candy, Pancakes and Syrup, and Root Beer Float.

Blue Raspberry Peeps cotton candy Peeps pancakes and syrup peeps root beer float peeps

Each box holds 10 sweet Peeps. The pancakes and syrup as well as the cotton candy can be found in all stores that sell Peeps nationwide. Go to Kroger stores to find the root beer float flavored Peeps. Walmart will be the only place you can purchase the blue raspberry treats.

Three new Peeps Filled Delights are also showing up on store shelves: Chocolate Caramel Swirl, Orange Sherbet, and Vanilla Crème.

Chocolate Caramel Orange Sherbet Vanilla Creme

If you want the Chocolate Caramel Swirl or Vanilla Crème, make a run to your neighborhood Target. The Orange Sherbet is available nationwide.

These Peeps are appearing now in stores. After Easter which is April 21, these flavors take flight.

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