Coming soon to your freezer – Mickey’s Ice Cream Bars

It’s a fan favorite at Disney parks: Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars. It has been described as “Heaven on Earth,” according to the producer of Your Hometown Show. So she was quite excited about this announcement.

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars are coming to select store shelves!

Mickey Ice Cream bar

We found it listed on Kroger’s website. But we can’t buy it yet.

Mickey Mouse Bar Kroger

No official date has been announced but it looks like this will happen sometime in February. So keep checking those freezers. There will be 6 bars per box. Each bar is made with light ice cream (skim milk) and covered in chocolate. Rumor has it that it will taste just like those served at Walt Disney World and Disneyland but maybe just a little bit smaller. It’s part of Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday celebration.

The sad news… it’s only for a limited time.

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