Car Trip Tips

A few simple steps now can save you a major headache on the road.

Pretty much everyone will go on a long trip in a car this year. While you’re packing your clothes and getting things ready, don’t forget about your pickup or car. They need a little attention before the adventure begins. Jason Johnston at Audi Shreveport offers some quick and easy car trip tips. Not only will it make life easier for your car, you might save yourself some money and the huge headaches car trouble usually brings.

First, check your tires. Make sure they are at the correct pressure. You can find how much pressure is needed inside the driver’s door. Think about investing in Nitrogen for your tires. They will not lose pressure once it gets cold. Also check to see if your tires have enough tread. Look for the wear marks or use the penny trick (stick a penny into a groove near the center of the tire, if you can all of President Lincoln’s head, then new tires may be in order.)

Secondly, get an oil change if necessary. Many cars will let you know if you need a change. Don’t ignore this. You can also check the dipstick.

Third, check the coolant level.

Fourth, make sure your windshield wipers aren’t falling apart. Watching a wiper blade disintegrate right before your eyes in a rainstorm is not the best thing in the world.

Fifth, look up what grade of gas your vehicle should be using. Nowadays, cars have recommendations for what’s the best fuel. Fill up before you leave on the trip for one less thing to worry about. Check online for the best gas prices.

These car trip tips should help enjoy your travel more and it won’t break the bank.