Businesses and restaurants we wish would open in the Ark-La-Tex

We have a lot of great businesses in the Ark-La-Tex but there’s always room for more. We lost a good number of them due to Covid-19 and hopefully, as we recover, new and wonderful places will open up in our area. To that end, here is our wish list of businesses and eateries that we would like to see open in the Ark-La-Tex (in alphabetical order)…

Brazilian Churrascaria – Being served slices of meat off of a sword is truly a great experience. Portuguese for barbecue, a churrascaria will bring you all the meats you can eat along with more food until you flip your card to red. Pace yourself at one of these restaurants and you will eat your money’s worth.

Buc-ees – It’s almost a tourist destination in and of itself. With dozens of fuel pumps and holding the record for the longest car wash and largest convenience store, the Texas based.

Disney Store – Hopefully many of us can wish upon a star and maybe Disney will open one of their stores here in the Ark-La-Tex. There used to be one in Mall St. Vincent according to S. Lynn.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria – We miss the location in Shreveport’s Mall St. Vincent. There are other great pizza places in the area though.

Hot Pot Restaurant – We’d like to see a restaurant that serves hot pot sometime soon. Everyone sits around a simmering soup and cooks meat, veggies and more.

IKEA – If only for the meatballs. Or you can find their instructions on how to make them here.

Jack in the Box – You would think a big fast food chain like Jack in the Box with locations all throughout Texas would have a few in the Ark-la-Tex. Unfortunately, one has to go to the north side of Longview for the nearest outpost.

Murrell’s – One of Shreveport’s most famous restaurants sadly disappeared several years ago.

Pottery Barn – A fun place to browse for home decor.

Rage Room – Imagine a place where you can vent your frustrations and smash things. Well they do exist in many parts of the country.

Semi-Pro Baseball – Gone are the games at Fair Grounds Field in Shreveport. We know the area can support sports teams. Just look at the Shreveport Mudbugs.

Top Golf – A few years ago, rumors swirled about the entertainment complex might be opening a location in South Shreveport. Alas, it was only a rumor.

Trader Joe’s – If one of these opens in the Ark-La-Tex, the traffic jam would last for a long time. This nationwide grocery chain featuring it’s own brand and really good prices.

Wawa – Many who frequent this convenience store chain in the East swear by its coffee and it’s food.

Williams Sonoma – Outfit your kitchen and discover new and exciting tastes.

YOUR WISHES for businesses to open in the Ark-La-Tex!

In and Out Burger by A. Johnson

Braum’s and Mazzio’s Pizza by D. Mora (There are Braum’s in Idabel and Mount Pleasant and a Mazzio’s near Longview)

More musical instrument stores by C. Thompson

Costco by several people

Schlotzsky’s by M. Harty (There is a location in Texarkana and a few in East Texas)

Dave and Busters by T. Fitz

Jucy Burgers and Jucy Tacos by K. Charchio (Nearest locations for both are in Marshall)

Celebration Station and more for teens by B. Jewell

Sharetea by L. Vaughan

White Castle by K. Manasco

Rouses by T. Belrose

Main Event by many people

Macy’s by D. Michael

Bone Fish Grill by K. Smith

Steak and Shake by many people

Bojangles by several people

Ramen restaurant by J. Loftin

Culver’s by C. Moores

What would you like to see come to town? Let us know by Contacting Us.

And if you know someone at one of these fine establishments, forward this story on to them. We wish for them to open up their businesses in the Ark-La-Tex!