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Blue pumpkins and trick or treat cards for Autism awareness

A new trend starting in 2019 helps those with autism. More and more you might see children walking around with blue pumpkins for autism. Some of these kids might be saying a message in a subtle way that they are autistic. Holding a blue pumpkin up would be their way of saying “Trick or Treat!” since some children are non-verbal. Although the blue pumpkin is not yet a nationally recognized practice, this grassroots efforts could catch on similar to what Teal Pumpkins stand for. So if you see an older child trick-or-treating with a blue pumpkin pail, it’s OK to give them candy because they love to dress up and collect candy as well. A mother of a 21-year-old autistic son started the tradition by posting to Facebook.

If you want to purchase blue pumpkins for autism, check out Walmart and Amazon.

Another growing trend for autistic children celebrating Halloween is the use of Trick or Treat cards. The National Autism Association created cards you can print out and hand to everyone while trick or treating. There’s even a card for your child in case of separation. Click here to download the cards.

Blue pumpkins for autism cards

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Let’s hope these trends continue so that everyone can have a Happy Halloween and have lots of fun getting candy!

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