Biggest stories of 2018

We are excited to present 2018's biggest stories. These stories were read more than any other. We appreciate you for checking out and enjoying the Ark-La-Tex Weekend.

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Strawn's Ice Box Pie

Never underestimate a tasty dessert.

Strawn's Eat Shop

For generations, families have flocked to the three Strawn’s Eat Shop locations for an incredible ice box pie. The recipe hasn’t changed since they were introduced. If the Ark-La-Tex were to have a nationally known dish, this would be it. See the goodness here.

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See 350,000+ lights at Natchitoches Christmas Festival

It’s ranked as one of America’s best Christmas lights displays and brings in plenty of tourists and locals alike.

Natchitoches Lights 3

For over 90 years, the Natchitoches Christmas Festival delights the young and the young at heart. The banks of Cane River Lake and historic Front Street are lit up every Christmas season through January 6. With the restaurant and shops, you can easily make a day and night of it. Watch the video here.

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History Comes Alive

Another of the biggest stories of 2018 came from Washington and it’s where the past lives in the present.

history comes alive

Historic Washington State Park covers over 40 buildings spread out over 10 city blocks in Washington, Arkansas. The citizens of this small town near Hope take great pride in their community. See what life was like back in the 1880s here.

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List of haunted houses in the Ark-La-Tex

Y’all really liked to be scared. Seriously.

Haunted House List

Fear not, this list will be back in 2019. We appreciate all of the response and added quite a few haunted houses leading up to Halloween. Thanks for making this one of the most shared lists of the year! If you missed it, check it out here.

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Winter trifecta

It was a rare celestial event.

moon, meteor shower

In December 2018, we experienced a winter solstice, a full moon, and a meteor shower on the same day. Something like that won’t happen again on the winter solstice until 2094. Find out all of the details here.

Hope you have a great 2019. We'll be bringing you all sorts of amazing stories about the food, travel, and lifestyle here in the Ark-La-Tex and from around the South.