Ben & Jerry’s new Doggie Desserts!

Who let the dogs out at Ben & Jerry's? You can buy the new Doggie Desserts for a retail price of $2.99 for a single and $4.99 for a multipack. (Video Source: Ben & Jerry's)

Ben & Jerry’s is ready to raise the woof with a new product designed specifically for the furry friend in your life. Doggie Desserts by Ben & Jerry’s is the latest genius creation from the iconic ice cream company.

The treats come in two different flavors and each one starts with a sunflower butter base.

  • “Pontch’s Mix” combines peanut butter and pretzel swirls.
  • “Rosie’s Batch” is the perfect mix of pumpkin and mini dog-friendly cookies.
Ben & Jerry's doggie desserts
Rosie’s Batch was named after this beautiful pup who lives with Sarah, who works in Ben & Jerry’s Consumer Insights department. (Photo: Ben & Jerry’s)

“We know our fans love their dogs and treat them like family,” said Lindsay Bumps, a Ben & Jerry’s Global Marketing Specialist who also happens to be a certified veterinary technician. “We created this product line so pups can enjoy something even better than belly rubs. Doggie Desserts are the sweetest treat they’ll ever put their paws on.”

The two flavors of Doggie Desserts are named in honor after two real pooches who put in long hours at the dog-friendly Ben & Jerry’s office in Vermont, a Frenchie and a rescue dog of mixed heritage.

Buy Doggie Desserts individually in 4-oz mini cups or in 4-count multipacks. Find them in grocery stores, pet stores, and various retailers nationwide.

For more information about Doggie Desserts and the science behind the product, follow this link to read up on the FAQ’s from the Ben & Jerry’s team!

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