Angelic Fruit Cake that will lift your spirits

It's not your ordinary fruit cake. It's better.

One of the best things about this Angelic Fruit Cake is that you can make it as fancy as you want or this can be thrown together in a last minute oh-my-goodness-I-need-something-for-a-dinner-party-in-30-minutes recipe. The fact that this confection cost less than $8 and will feed a bunch doesn’t hurt either. This light dessert will go great after a big meal.

Angelic Fruit Cake


1 loaf of Angel Food Cake



Kiwi Fruit


Tub of Whipped Topping



Slice the fruit (peel if necessary). Take the loaf and slice it horizontally. Using a bread pan or similar container, line it with plastic wrap. Place a layer of cake down and top with fruit. Spoon about ¼ of the whipped topping on the fruit and spread it around. Repeat layering with cake, fruit and whipped topping until you reach the top of the container. Save about ½ of the whipped topping and a few pieces of fruit for decoration. (Optional) Place confection in the freezer for about 30 minutes to set.

Place serving plate upside down on top of the cake. Flip everything over and remove the container and plastic wrap. Spread the remaining whipped topping around the whole cake. Decorate with fruit and sprinkle cinnamon on top. (Optional) Freeze cake for another 30 minutes before serving. To cut the cake, cut from the side otherwise everything might squish out the sides. Or when you take the cake out of the container, turn it out on its side.

Angelic Fruit Cake

Make the Angelic Fruit Cake any time of year depending on what fruits are in season. Use blueberries, bananas and strawberries for Memorial Day or Independence Day. Combine strawberries and cherries for Valentine’s Day. After you slice the cake and fruit, turn the creative process over to the kids so they can create their own confectionary masterpiece. Dust with nutmeg or pumpkin spice for more flavors. Basically, have fun with this cake and eat it too.

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