Amtrak’s BOGO deal has left the station

Amtrak’s BOGO deal has ended for now. We’re keeping an eye on the train company and will let you know if they bring it back.

How about a train ride to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving? Or maybe a fun winter trip to relatives for Christmas? If you ever thought about riding the rails on a cross country trip, now you and a buddy can take that grand adventure on the cheap! The rates includes all meals (except for the Silver Star run). Many routes offer a new flexible dining service.

Amtrak describes the Roomette as a small room with two seats and beds on either side of a big picture window. On a Viewliner car, there’s a in-room toilet. The Bedroom adds a shower to the room and could accommodate three passengers.

Here are some sample fares from

Amtrak's BOGO

Amtrak runs several routes through the South.

In the Ark-La-Tex there are stations in Hope, Texarkana and Marshall. A bus service can take you from Shreveport to Marshall.

The Crescent line travels from New Orleans through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia before ending in New York City.

The Silver Service/Palmetto rail starts in New York City and runs along the eastern seaboard states before ending at Miami. (Dining option not included in this deal)

The City of New Orleans runs from Chicago through Memphis to New Orleans.

The Sunset Limited connects Los Angeles with New Orleans with stops in Tuscon, San Antonio, and Houston.

More routes can be found here.

Happy train travels!

Suggestion: Take the train down to Houston and explore Moody Gardens in Galveston.