6 yard games to play outside

Going outside and playing yard games will do you some good. Take a break from the streaming new releases and go outside! Your body and mental health will thank you.

We think there are some excellent games listed below for you to try! Let us know how your games go.


Google searches gave me multiple names for this, but the one I liked best was “Frisbeer.” This is my personal favorite yard game to play! Go here for the rules.
Bonus rule: If you do not have the frisbee, you can try and sneak over to the other team’s bottle and slap it down with your hands. If they see you, they scream Turkey and try to hit you with the frisbee before you get back to your side. 2 points if you get the bottle. 1 point if they hit you with the frisbee. (This is how we chose the name ‘Turkey Sticks.’)


You can either play this game in a designated area or explore a whole area. And you can play this game with lots of people by having many sets and combining them.


Kanjam takes skill and lots of teamwork! It’s lots of fun, too.


Via Moody Air Force Base

This is the most “Go-To” yard game there is. But if you have arguments on scoring… Here’s the official rules.


This game was on Shark Tank and has a lot more physical activity. This is River City Weekend’s personal favorite!

Ladder Golf

This game takes some skill, but is so fun once you get the hang of it!

Have fun with these outside yard games! For more fun things to do outside, click here.

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