Three reasons beer is good for you

Here's the ammo you need to indulge!

Is beer good for you? Opinions are mixed, but as usual, it probably comes down to moderation.  Drinking beer in moderation (defined as 1-2 drinks a day) has nutritional and health benefits that will help you justify that next pint.

Need a reason to indulge other than Oktoberfest?  Here’s what the experts (folks at the US Library of Medicine) have to say about it.

Reason number 1: It can help your heart. Moderate consumption has been associated with lower rates of cardiovascular disease.

Reason number 2: Get your vitamins. Beer has more protein and Vitamin B than wine.

Reason number 3: Antioxidants are your friend. Beer contains unique antioxidants not found in wine or other alcoholic beverages. Antioxidants may prevent or delay certain types of cell damage.

These reasons all come from medical professionals, of course. So it’s up to you and what’s good for your body if you indulge. Remember to drink responsibly. Having a designated driver is awesome.

But, if you needed a reason, now you have three!

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