12 Facts You Might Not Know About Bacon

There's so much to know about this delicacy.

Bacon. For many it’s a savory treat mostly eaten with breakfast. For many, it is forbidden due to religious laws. The salted and cured pork first seen around 1500 BC can be eaten on its own or used in a variety of dishes. Even the rendered fat can be used elsewhere. There are many facts out there about bacon. Here are a few that caught our attention.

12 facts you might not know about bacon.

1. During World War 2, the American government requested families to donate their bacon fat to the war effort. One pound of fat could produce enough glycerin to make about a pound of explosives.

2. With a little ‘elbow grease’ you can turn bacon grease into candles.

3. One of the main drawbacks of bacon remains the high amounts of unhealthy saturated fat and sodium.

4. Bacon does have some nutritional value. Pork is high in protein and a lot of B vitamins. Plus, you can find minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium. It also contains no sugar.

5. The most popular form of bacon in the US comes from the side bacon that comes from the pork belly. You can also get bacon from the jowl, shoulder, back and collar.

6. In Germany, they use bacon as a spread for sandwiches and snacks. They call it Griebenschmalz and basically you take the fat from bacon, heat it and add some onion, apple and spices like thyme. Pour it into serving containers and let it cool.

Facts about bacon

7. Bacon flavored food items seem to pop up regularly from chips, bourbon and even candy canes (See the reaction from some of our co-workers as they tried to guess a Bacon flavored candy cane here.)

8. Canadian bacon is in fact bacon. It is from the pork loin from the back of the pig. But in Canada, they refer to it as back bacon.

9. Speaking of Canadians, they love their bacon! In 2010, Maple Leaf Foods conducted a survey about the love of the bacon. Turns out 43% of respondents chose bacon over sex. Read more of the results here.

10. National Bacon Day in the USA is December 30th. International Bacon Day is September 3.

11. Looking to pick out the best bacon? Look for these… Center Cut Bacon (leaner and more meaty), buy from the meat and deli counter instead of the prepackaged (fewer added chemicals), and avoid Sodium Nitrates when possible (look for uncured bacon).

12. Of course there are other varieties of bacon including turkey bacon and vegetarian bacon which are healthier alternatives. Other meats like beef, lamb, chicken and goat can also be prepared to look like bacon.

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